This is my little corner of the Internet, where I show you my works. My name is Sveta and I am fashion designer and painter.

The chain of process

When I start a new project, I usually have a vision. As long as I continue with project, everything changes. What I wanted to portray does not always coincide with the result. Here is a good example of this process chain. Initially, the idea was to show the duality of human nature, bipolarity. But inContinue reading “The chain of process”

Frustration №3

Here is my frustration about losing weight. I was exhausted myself doing exercise without any progress, but then I started a KETO diet and lost 12 kg easily. So, the benefits of sports in weight loss are very exaggerated. The woman on this drawing is not me. This situation is imagination.

Drawings and sketches

Painting is an everyday process. First I do, when I wake up, I have a coffee, write to my diary and after that I do drawing and sketching. That is how I am finding a new theme for my artwork.

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