About me

I have always loved to draw. Especially I loved to draw dresses for dolls, when I was a little girl. This is how I became a fashion designer. But, lately, I became interested in painting and I started to study the technique of painting with oil in various courses. I also spent time in listening to master classes on the Internet. This is how I became a painter.

I am interested in human experiences such as depression, loneliness, bipolarity, relationships between people and such kinds of emotions. There is hint in my paintings about these.
I don’t want my paintings to be sad. I want them to be vital. My profession as a fashion designer, of course, is reflected in my paintings too.
I am inspired by paintings by artists such as Picasso, Edward Hopper, Otto Dix and many others, including contemporary artists. I take my inspirations from people, art, philosophy, architecture and literature.

I hope my paintings will be well suited to your interior and will decorate not only the walls , but will also cheer you up. This is my main goal.

I was born 1960 in Glybochka, small village from Belorussia. For the last 30 years, I live and work in Finland, Helsinki.  

With best wishes
Sveta Rajavaara

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